Hanlontown, Iowa

City Established 1899


“The Sundowner”, a community newspaper has been published by Hanlontown Community Betterment since February of 1980. It is sent free to all local town and rural households within a mile of Hanlontown.

It also has donation subscribers in 23 States. Local businesses support the newsletter with ads. It is usually prepared for printing by dedicated volunteers on the last Thursday of each month and assembled for mailing by a larger group of volunteers on the following Wednesday morning.

Between 10 and 12 issues are published each year.

Suggested annual donation is $5.00 

Suggested donations for advertising are:
Business Card $3.00
Over Bus card to 1/4 the page $6.00
Over 1/4 page to 1/2 page $10.00
Over 1/2 Page to full page $20.00

If you have questions about advertizing, or you are a subscriber, and have a change of address, or for any other reason you may contact us at the address below or by Email

To become a subscriber, if you live in Hanlontown, or within a mile of Hanlontown, send us your name and address. If you live outside our free delivery area please send your donation, name and address to:

Community Betterment
PO Box 202
Hanlontown IA 50444