Hanlontown, Iowa

City Established 1899

Garbage / Recycling / Yard Waste / Household Hazardous Waste

Absolute Waste Removal is the official solid waste hauler and recycler for the residents of Hanlontown. Absolute Waste Removal observes the following Holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If any of these holidays occurs in week either on or before our normal garbage or recycling collection the collection will be delayed by one day. Any questions or comments you have regarding your garbage service should be addressed directly to Absolute Waste Removal at 641-357-4517.

Garbage collection will be provided on Wednesday of each week. Any "observed" holiday in the work week will delay collections by one day. Trash must be available for pickup by 7 a.m.

Recycling collection is every other week on the garbage on the same day as garbage collection. For the date check the list provide with your water bill or the calendar on the web site. Any "observed" holiday in the work week will delay collections by one day. Recycling items must be available for pickup by 7 a.m. Please follow the instructions below.

Hanlontown is a member of LANDFILL OF NORTH IOWA.  A list of materials that are banned from being buried in a Landfill are listed near the bottom of this page. Of the items on this list all items except for asbestos, newspapers and magazines and other recyclables are accepted there for proper disposal. 1-877-LANDFIL or 641-357-5452.

Some items listed below require 1 or more stickers to be attached before Absolute Waste Removal can collect them. Stickers are purchased from the City Clerk for $1.50 each. They are sold in groups of five.


The standard or base fee for garbage collection pays for collection of up to two 32 gallon cans or bags of trash each week. Any can larger than 32 gallons will count as two cans.

Garbage cans are to be of the type normally sold as such, with a lid, and handles to facilitate carrying and dumping into the truck. Trash bags must be of sufficient strength to be lifted and loaded into the truck. Bags must be tied shut.

Volumes in excess of two regulation 32 gallon cans or bags must have a special "single use" sticker attached to each additional can, bag, or bundle over the two allowed by the base fee. Stickers are $1.00 each, sold in lots of five, and available from the City Clerk.

No can, bag, or bundle of trash may weigh more than 40 pounds.

All trash must fit within the container (lids on cans, bags tied). If trash sticks out of can, higher than the sides it will count as two cans. Long objects must be cut down to fit the container or tied in a bundle and placed beside other trash containers.

Bundles must be no more than five feet long and 18 inches in diameter. Weight limit: 40 pounds. Use a sticker on the bundle if total accumulation is more than two cans or bags.

When using stickers for more than two cans or bags, place sticker around the neck, of bags. On cans, loop sticker around the handle and stick only the ends together, so collector can easily remove the sticker when dumping the can.

All trash must be placed at the curb, or within easy reach of the street. Trash must be at or near ground level, not atop piled snow banks. Stickers when required must be easily seen. Must be available for pickup by 7 a.m.

Yard waste and Items listed under the sections on "Recycling" and "Household Hazardous Waste" are not allowed in the landfill, and therefore, cannot be placed in the trash.

Stickers must be used for volumes in excess of two cans or bags of garbage. Some bulky wastes such as chairs, mattresses, tables, etc are also collected. These items may require more than one sticker for pick-up. Most common bulky items are listed below, along with the number of stickers needed for pick-up. Leave these items at the curb on garbage collection day

Waste Item # Stickers
Each can, bag or bundle over two  1
Couch  4
Hide-a-bed, sleeper  5
Sectional couch (each piece)  3
Chair (kitchen or folding)  1
Stuffed leisure chair 3
Bar-B-Q grill on legs 2
Mattress or foundation, each  
(twin )  2
(full, queen, or split box)  3
(king)  4

If you have items not appearing on the above list or questions regarding the above please call Absolute Waste Removal.

The city has one pickup for large items each spring. The date when scheduled will be on the calander on this website.If you have a large amount of trash, dumpsters in various sizes are available from Absolute Waste Removal.


Each home has been prvided with a blue recycling bin that is to remain with the home. Place Metal cans, clear glass, plastic containers described below are to be placed in this bin or in a clear plastic, see-thru bag for collection. These bags are available in many area stores, in a variety of sizes. Clear bags allow the collector to see if there are materials in the bag which are not recyclable or not part of your local recycling program. Unclean or foreign material with the with the items to be recycled will be left at the curb.

Newspaper, magazines, catalogues corrugated cardboard and paper-board may also be placed in the bin. These items should be in  bundles tied with string or twine. Newspapers are to be in one bundle, magazines and catalogues in another and corrugated cardboard and paper-board in yet another bundle. Newspapers and magazines should not get wet. If rainy, please wait until next collection day.


CLEAR GLASS: Food and Beverage Containers only. Rinse clean: Remove caps and rings and discard in trash. Labels do not have to be removed. Do not break glass. Place clear glass in clear plastic bag with cans and plastic containers. Not recyclable: colored glass, dishes, ceramics, ovenware, clay pots, light bulbs, drinking glasses, windows and mirrors
TIN AND ALUMINUM CANS: metal food and beverage cans are to be rinsed clean with labels removed. Place cans in clear plastic bag with plastic jugs and clear glass. Not recyclable: aerosol and paint cans.
PLASTIC BOTTLES AND JUGS: Plastic container which have any code  # (1 - 7) inside the three arrows on the bottom of the bottle. Rinse clean; remove caps and rings and discard. Not recyclable: oil containers, antifreeze containers, ice cream and margarine containers or any plastic not described above.
NEWSPAPERS: Clean, dry newspaper with inserts. Tie in bundles with string. Bundle newspapers separately from other paper products and place beside other recyclables. Phone books may be recycled with newspapers.
MAGAZINES: glossy, glue back or stapled binding. Bundle and tie with string, separate from newspapers.
CORRUGATED CARDBOARD AND PAPERBOARD; Must be clean. These materials may be bundled together and tied with string but it is not required. Flatten boxes; remove plastic liners, packing materials and etc. and discard in trash. Paperboard is gray food boxes such as cereal cracker, and cake mix boxes.

Yard Waste

A certan times of the year a dumpster is provided for yard waste. Ascess is on the alley behind the Community Center. Follow the posted rules or this service may be discontinued. You may also take your yard waste  to the Landfill of North Iowa. Material taken to the Landfill must be covered. Landfill charges apply. The burning of refuse and yard waste while discuraged is permitted, except for times when the State, County or City officials establish a burning ban. When burning the fire must be attended and you are expected to consider the effect the smoke could have on you neighbors. When ever possible, please burn between the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.


Provisions have been made at the Landfill of North Iowa to accept all of the above for proper disposal except for asbestos, newspapers and magazines. Landfill charges apply. Absolute Waste Removal may be willing to take some of these items to the landfill for you. Call them for instructions and the number of stickers required.


The following materials can be dropped off at the Landfill at NO cost to residential customers. Drop offs are by appointment only. Call first to set up an appointment time and date. The Landfill of North Iowa has a collection in each member community every 3 to 4 years.